Version Update Details

2/8/2017 - Version 5.2

This is a significant update with tons of refinements, fixes, and enhancements to the software.

* A new device selection interface makes switching between banner sizes or devices quick and easy.

* Device selection is now also available in the file-open, preview, and quick editor interfaces.

* The preview interface was overhauled with a new timeline control bar and features.

* The quick editor has been overhauled and now includes an easy to navigate style settings tree, file open and save features, and device switching options.

* The file open and close dialog has been overhauled with better graphics, file selection options, and preview options.

* A new element tool selection box makes choosing and switching between tools easier.

* A new image element tool was added.

* Min and max sizing sytles were added to the left tree for any element.

* Dozens of miscellaneous new features and and bug fixes are included.

5/1/2016 - Version 5.1

This update includes new gradient animation options, publishing features, banners, and much more.

* Use the banner device options to emulate any size from leaderboard to skyscraper. Responsive style settings and key frames allow one animation to perfectly fit any banner size.

* The publishing interface has been overhauled and is much more streamlined and user friendly.

* Optionally compress your stage save data and the nodefire JavaScript code. Typical compressed code size without images is less then 40K total.

* Tons of enhancements, tweaks, and bug fixes were made that vastly improve the interface and published animations.

11/29/2015 - Version 5.0

This major update includes new responsive value targeting. Add specific key values for pre-defined response types. Custom response types coming soon!

* Target key values to specific pre-defined response types such as portriat or landscape.

* Target entire timelines, or individual key values to pre-defined response types.

* New color coding in the left style tree helps to easily identify which styles have active settings applied.

* Tons of enhancements, tweaks, and bug fixes were made that vastly improve the interface and published animations.

10/01/2015 - Version 4.4.4

This is a cumulative update notice from version 4.2.0 to 4.4.4...

* This major update includes new auxillary and custom timelines, new animation style options, interface enhancements, and improved pricing and login options!

* Attach auxillary timelines that run parallel but independant of your primary timelines for even greater animation capabilites.

* Add custom timelines that can be visually run by any event under the new triggers interface, or manually run them with script.

* Additional style options for background images and more were added. Stretch bg images, fit, cover areas, and more!

* Additional login features were added and the process simplified. The web app version of the tool is now 100% free to use!

* A host of bug fixes and interface enhancements are also included!

1/18/2014 - Version 4.2.0

This is a cumulative update notice from version 3.0.1 to 4.2.0...

* This major update includes new device emulation and responsive design features, plus much more.

* A new fit-text options automatically adjusts the font size to fit its parent container.

* Emulate any device while in design mode, plus preview in any device. Many pre-defined smart phones and tablets can be quickly selected from the emulate device window.

* Use custom fonts from Google, Typekit, FontDeck, and Use as many custom fonts as needed, run timelines in response to font load or stage load events.

* New 'ap' units allow widths or heights to be defined relative to each other. Use this feature to define an aspect ratio for responsive sized elements.

* Carousels are fully responsive with the new 'ap' (apothem) unit. The carousel will adjust itself on the fly to fit any device or resize event.

* New scene support and a redesigned timeline selection bar make multiple timeline animations simple to work with.

* Tons of additional interface improvements and new features are included in the update.

10/7/2013 - Version 3.0.1

This is a cumulative update notice from version 2.0.8 to 3.0.1...

* This major update includes numerous visual interface improvements and new animation code features.

* A new top menu gives quick access to many software features which were previously only accessible in the button bars.

* The left style panel has been redesigned with crisper colors, a new tree with added control features, and a redesigned CSS / inline style selection space.

* Most of the buttons in the bars have been consolodated with wrench icons and a drop down for the create tools.

* Several bugs were fixed and many visual interface features were refined.

* A new 'spawn' feature was added to the timeline which allows elements to be automatically cloned and animated on an interval. Create trailing effects, snow fall, etc...

* New child element targeting features are easier to implement and run faster than using CSS rules.

* CSS3 transition animation control by the browser is now optional. Click the lightning bolt icon associated with style animations in the timeline to activate.

* The new animation features were offset by efficiency refinements which reduces the overall published code size to only 15K when Gzipped.

7/12/2013 - Version 2.0.8

This is a cumulative update notice from version 2.0.1 to 2.0.8...

* Auto threaded timelines were added which allow complex interactive animations such as hierarchical drop down menus to hide and show properly without custom scripting.

* Sub menu modifiers are now easier to apply by simply specifying any child element as a sub menu (use the modifier button for the selected element type in the design spaces lower right button group.)

* New add sub and remove sub options for sub menus were added. The buttons are accessible from both the widget designer and editor interfaces.

* Many of the lower left design space buttons and timeline buttons were consolidated into a single options button (wrench icon). The new option buttons reveal a more simplified and easier to understand listing of available settings.

* The design space is now interactive! Mouse over, down, and click timelines are triggered by clicking elements while in design mode.

* Stages can now play in design mode as they do in preview. Additional 'reset' and 'pause all timeline' buttons were added to help control design mode play.

* Dozens of other editing and design improvements, plus numerous bug fixes are also included.

6/21/2013 - Version 2.0.1

* This major update adds a new stand-alone and integrated editor. Within the full interface the editor is a quick way to see and edit all the styles applied to a widget or animation. As a stand-alone tool the editor is accessible from the NodeFire home page and allows for the quick customization and publishing of template widgets.

Initially there are 5 template widgets on the home page (hover links, several slideshows, a rotator, and banner). Watch for many more to be released in the coming months. Template widgets are FREE to use.

* Images can now be added with drag and drop or through a file open dialog in both the design and editor interfaces.

* The update also includes numerous tweaks and fixes to the full design interface.

5/08/2013 - Version 1.2.5

* This update includes a host of bug fixes and refinements. The improvements are mostly centered around how complex interactivity is achieved with custom scripted key frames.

* Three new interactive templates were added. Two of the templates are slideshow based and the third is a link based hover slide effect. Each new template is fully scalable and can be easily modified with new items, content, and styles. (Note: To see updated templates you must reset the interface... 'main control menu' --> 'reset interface'. Use the Google Drive Cloud to avoid losing local storage saves. A future update is in the works that will automatically update templates without having to do an interface reset.)

* The help dialogs can now be minimized. The new minimize option is a button directly to left of the dialogs close button.

* Several new API functions were added to the script dialogs left tree reference section.

* A new target element API reference was added. The target element identifies the stage element which triggered a timeline vs. the timelines event element which is simply the owner.

5/01/2013 - Version 1.2.4

* New visual grid layout element editing features were added. Drag size rows and columns. Add and remove tracks, plus more!

* Element Highlighting was improved which helps with drag and drop nesting and other interactions.

* Copy and paste capabilities with specific element types were improved.

4/12/2013 - Version 1.2.3

* Default values can now only be applied through the left tree. If the style has a key on the timeline the play head must be before the first key for the value to be applied as a default. The new rules reduce confusion regarding how and where different value types are applied.

* Styles applied using the popup inputs in the left timeline tree are always applied as keys vs. the possbility of a default.

* The various popup inputs now only include apply buttons related to the new rules outlied above.

* The line-height style now accepts a setting of 'normal' and includes additional '%' and 'em' unit options.

4/8/2013 - Version 1.2.2

* Additional context menu options were added when right clicking stage elements and element references in the trees.

* The underlying method driving how default vs. timeline key specific values are applied was overhauled. This has been somewhat of a sticking point in the software and is finally corrected and vastly more intuitive. The next update should include similar improvements to how the visual interface applies these different types of values.

* Several bugs were fixed including a possible common issue related to color change animation keys with a 'transparent' setting involved.

4/3/2013 - Version 1.2.1

* New events capable of targeting child elements, specific descendant element types, or descendant element modifiers were added. The options are within a new drop down on the last tab in the event tab options.

* New descendant events allow a single timeline to be triggered by multiple elements. Combine descendant targeted events with CSS rules to deliver styles and animations from one timeline to similar elements upon hover, active, mouse hold, etc...

* New delay timers for mouse over and out can be customized for any element. The delay settings are inherited. Setting a parent element or the stages delay timers will apply to all children without delay timers defined.

* The new delay timers work with any combination of nested element and element types such as delay buttons, hovers, drop down menus, and more. Gain precise control of all user interactions, no matter how complex or deeply nested the stage elements are.

* A new options dialog is accessible by clicking the gear icon on the top button bar. Set element id's and delays, apply settings to all selected stage elements.

* The default global CSS rules in the apply box (above the left styles tree) have been redefined to be more user friendly. Some existing specificity issues with the rules were also fixed.

* Context menus were added to element references in the trees. System menus were also improved with new delay timers.

* A new button modifier option was added. The option is part of the light blue icon set for the selected element type (lower right of design area). Turn any element into a button, buttons can be specifically targeted with default CSS rules and child event action targeting. The elements hold styles are only applied to buttons while the mouse button is held and the mouse is inside the button element.

* New classes which can be accessed in the default or custom CSS rules target top hover, delayed hover, delayed hover lineage, and mouse hold.

3/27/2013 - Version 1.2.0

* Untransformed selection boxes now appear on selected elements with transformation styles applied. This aids in identifying the untransformed selected element, especially useful when transforms hide the element. These new select boxes also work with opacity settings.

* Event interactions have been vastly improved with new code and feature. There are new event tab options above the timeline for targeting child elements.

* New hover and hover lineage classes allow script and custom rules to better identify hover elements. The new standard 'nfHover' class is applied to the element currently under the mouse. Hover lineage 'nfHoverLineage' is added to the current hover and all the hovers parents.

* Several bugs were fixed related to default CSS rule values and rule value removal.

3/23/2013 - Version 1.1.9

* Element innerHTML and style.content can be added to the timeline and animated for any element or CSS rule.

* Create custom :before or :after CSS rules, define content and styles for the content, then animate on the timeline.

* Add any innerHTML to stage elements and switch content with keys on the timeline.

* Dragging or resizing multiple selected stage elements which are ancestors or descendants of each other behaves more intelligently now.

* Several minor bugs were corrected with the display of default key values on the timeline.

* Custom onKey JavaScript now fires the first time a frame belonging to the key is rendered vs. the actual keys starting frame rendering.

* A bug with re-saving a numeric file name by double clicking the existing file name in the save dialog was corrected.

3/21/2013 - Version 1.1.8

* New Custom CSS Rules - A new custom CSS rule building interface is accessible from the apply to box in the upper left. Apply and animate styles using any CSS rule!

* The main control menu and context menus were restyled and now have hierarchical capabilities.

* Several minor bugs were fixed.

3/10/2013 - Version 1.1.7

* Cloud support using Google Drive was added!

* Open Drive saved stages directly from the NodeFire interface.

* Save stages to Drive directly from the NodeFire interface.

* Open NodeFire animations from the Drive interface (right click and choose 'open width').

* Create a new stage directly from the Drive interface (click the red create button in the upper left of the drive interface).

3/10/2013 - Version 1.1.6

* A new help interface and a few basic overview type documents were added. More documentation will be added in future releases.

* Several new rules for specifically targeting global child elements were added to the 'apply box'.

* A few bugs related to default style values were fixed.

3/3/2013 - Version 1.1.5

* A new slideshow element type can now be drag created on the stage. The slideshow element includes an overflow hidden view-port parent, slide parent, and child frames. Frames can be added, re-ordered, and deleted with the new element specific button bar options.

* A simple template showcases the new slideshow element. The template uses 3 image based frames which slide left and repeat without breaks continuously. Achieving a no-break repeat required a few lines of custom JavaScript which moves the left most off-screen frame perpetually to the right.

* Refinements were made to styles applied as default settings. Primarily the interface was updated to correctly reflect default setting values which are on a timeline and before a key, yet null or non-existent. The interface now correctly shows a value of null vs. the previous applied value which is the default run-time behavior.

* Several bugs were fixed. Most notable was a bug which caused global CSS styles to potentially conflict and render incorrectly when running multiple stages on a single HTML document.

2/27/2013 - Version 1.1.4

* Animations built with NodeFire now fully utilize the browsers internal CSS3 transition capabilities which greatly improves smoothness and reduces CPU load. Transitions exceeding the technical capabilities of CSS3 automatically run in a hybrid mode where NodeFire scripted key frames work in unison with browser controlled CSS3 transitions. NodeFire is the only true Visual CSS3 Animation tool available and extends the latest browsers capabilities while offering down level animation support for old browsers.

* A handful of bugs were fixed during this major update, most are related to the optimization of scripted key frames and default value settings across the multiple timeline options in the software.

2/23/2013 - Version 1.1.3

* New element type specific button bars are available below the stage design area and to the right. The button bars switch depending on the type of element currently selected (box, circle, grid, list, float, polygon, items, etc...).

* Elements can now be CSS vertically and horizontally centered relative to the parent element. A new button option exposes multiple centering and flush to the edge options.

* Right and bottom CSS positioning was added to the left tree along side of the existing top and left positioning.

* Margin values can now accept the 'auto' and 'inherit' CSS settings.

* A new 'Fit to Parent' button sets the width and height of an element to 100% of its parent and positions it flush top and left.

* 3D polygon items can now be moved left, right, up, or down with the new element type specific button bar options.

* New shortcut button bar options move list and float items up, down, left, or right.

* A new shortcut element type specific button applies hover or click menu capabilities to most element types. This option turns any item into a parent menu item which shows its child element upon hover or click.

* A right aligned top button bar with undo / redo shortcuts were added.

2/19/2013 - Version 1.1.2

* Additional right click options for 3d polygons (add item, remove from layout, join layout).

* New automated drag and drop nesting features. Dragging boxes or circles onto polygons, lists, and floats will have them auto join the layout.

* Elements drag created inside a parent layout (polygon, list, float, etc...) will auto join the layout. Right click the new item and choose 'remove from layout' to join the parent as a standard item.

* Global CSS rules for 2d shapes are now available under the top left 'Apply To' menu.

* Default values at the beginning of a timeline now adopt the last applied value for the style by default.

* All edits visually applied through the stage by dragging element sizes and positions are by default applied to the stage elements ready timeline unless the active timeline and play head are in an edit position for the style.

* Overall a host of options related to how timelines are selected and default values are applied were optimized to make working across multiple event driven timelines easier.

2/7/2013 - Version 1.1.1

* 3D polygon shape tools. Perfect for creating 3D rotating slide show type effects.

* Rotating 3D polygon template added.

* Dynamic script based values can now be applied to any style and key setting. Click the value to open the popup input, then click the function button to create custom return values. The new polygon template utilizes some basic dynamic script values for the spin left / right buttons.

* New options in the 'Get Code' dialog allow for alternate down level content in non-3d (IE9 down, etc...) or non-css3 (IE8 down, etc...) browsers.

* Several visual interface bugs that were caused by the latest Chrome release were remedied. However there is some new sluggish behavior that cannot be overcome, If the visual interface feels to sluggish for you in Chrome use FireFox instead.

1/31/2013 - Initial Release 1.1.0

* Old browser support for IE 7 and 8 was finalized. CSS3 styles are not supported by IE8, however animations and interactivity will function. Most projects will degrade gracefully, or you can opt to provide alternate content.

* A new SEO option in the 'get code' dialog exposes all stage elements and content for indexing by search engines.

* New layout tools allow for the simple creation of grids and item lists (horizontal or vertical)

* Custom class names can now be applied to any element.

* New hoverMenu and clickMenu system classes turn any element into a parent menu item. Once the class is applied to an element, child elements will only appear on hover or click.

* A host of right click context menu options were added to stage elements.

* A new trim button (upper left corner of the stage) automatically sizes the selected element to the maximum width and height of it's children.

* 3d transform style options were added.

12/13/2012 - Preview Release 1.0.0

* This is the initial preview release of the NodeFire HTML5 Interactive CSS Animator!

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Create interactive HTML5 animation effects and widgets (banners, slideshows, drop down menus, text effects, 3D animations, layouts, and more).
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