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NodeFire is a responsive focused HTML5 animator for your website.

Emulate desktop, tablet, and mobile devices while in design mode. Create one animation that automatically responds to fit any environment.

Harness unparalleled animation and interaction features. All powered by NodeFire's lightning fast, no dependencies, 18K (Gzip) script library.

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Amazing Interactive Features!
Trigger timelines in response to user events without writing custom code.
NodeFire does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to user interactions. Mouse and touch events are automatically handled with full hierarchical and delay timer support.
Play, pause, reverse, or stop timelines on mouse over, out, click, hold, up, etc... Do all of this with custom delay timer accuracy, down and up to any level of element nesting!
Responsive Font Sizing
No more media query hassles! True responsive features fit text and more to all devices.
Font sizes autmatically adjust in response to changes in the dimensions of parent containers, resizing, and device orientation.
Animate Any CSS Style
Add any style or individual components of a multi-value style to your timelines.
Gain precise timeline control with advanced key editing and selection features. See real time animation changes in design mode when scrubbing the playhead or manipulating key locations
Visually switch between default, scene based, and event driven timelines.
Auxillary Timelines
Associate any number of default, scene, or event based auxillary timelines.
Auxillary timelines automatically run while the master timeline they are associated with is playing. Use this feature to create advanced animation effects like the parallax scrolling background to the right.
New Scene Window Concept
NodeFire takes scene support to the next level with the scene window concept.
Drag create multiple scene windows anywhere on the stage (you can even nest them). Quickly add, remove, insert, and re-order a windows scenes. Play, pause, and stop scene windows in response to any event.
NodeFire Animator
Create interactive HTML5 animation effects and widgets (banners, slideshows, drop down menus, text effects, 3D animations, layouts, and more).
Latest release - v5.2
8/8/2017 - Includes new device, preview, and file interfaces! (more...)
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